Meet the Bowser Group!

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Dr. Michael T. Bowser

Dr. Michael Bowser

Professor, Department of Chemistry

[email protected]

Nils Hasselmo Hall
Room 7-132
312 Church St SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455


Current Students

Cecilia Douma

Cecilia Douma

PhD Student, Chemistry
Research Interests: Nucleic acid catalysts, microfluidics, micro free flow electrophoresis, assay development

Education: B.A., Luther College
Contact: [email protected]


Gretchen Burke

Gretchen Burke

PhD Student, Chemistry
Research Interests: Catalytic DNA, Biochemical Assays in Micro Free Flow Electrophoresis

Education: B.A., St. Olaf College
Contact: [email protected]


Bowser Group Alumni

Matthew LeMon
Defended Thesis 2023, currently a QC Analyst at Bimeda

Nicholas Brinza
Defended Thesis 2023, currently a Public Health Laboratory Scientist at the Maryland Department of Health through the APHL-CDC Fellowship Program

Ryan Hunt
Defended Master's Thesis 2019, currently a Quality Operations Supervisor at Charles River Laboratories

Sean K. Dembowski
Defended Thesis 2021, currently a Senior Scientist at Pace Analytical

Sarah Nelson
Post-Doc (left 2021), currently a Grants & Contracts Administrator at The University of Minnesota

Kailey J. Soller
Defended Thesis 2017, currently a Business Development Manager at Beckman Coulter Diagnostics

Alex C. Johnson
Defended Thesis 2017, currently a Principal Scientist at Pfizer

Megan M. Groskreutz (Weisenberger)
Defended Thesis 2017, currently a Clinical Trial Project Manager at Eli Lilly

Sarah K. Anciaux
Defended Thesis 2017, currently a Chemistry R&D Manager at Hatch

Post-Doc (left 2016), currently an Associate Professor at Incheon National University

Matthew Geiger
Defended Thesis 2016, currently a Senior Scientist at Land O’Lakes

Rachel K. Harstad
Defended Thesis 2016, currently a Senior Analytical Chemist at Cargill, Inc.

Amy L. Stading (Hogerton)
Defended Thesis 2016, currently an Upper School Science Teacher at St. Paul Academy

Thane H. Taylor
Defended Master's Thesis 2014 (co-advisor E. Arriaga)

Jing Yang
Defended Thesis 2014, currently a Scientist II at Biogen

Nicholas W. Frost
Defended Thesis 2014

Yixiao Sheng
Defended Thesis 2012

Eric Castro
Defended Thesis 2012, currently a Senior Associate Editor at Wiley-VCH

Meng Jing
Defended Thesis 2012, currently an Associate Research Scientist at Dow

Yixiao Sheng
Defended Thesis (Biomedical Engineering) 2012

Neil J. Graf
Defended Thesis 2011

Anne P. Mohns
Defended Thesis 2011, currently a Senior Materials Engineering Manager  (Cardiac Implantables Technology Development Center) at Medtronic and the Chair of Medtronic’s Analytical Laboratory Council

Ryan T. Turgeon
Defended Thesis 2010, currently a Flight Test Engineer in the US Navy

Courtney Wettlaufer
M.S. 2010

Zhouhan Shang
M.S. Biomedical Engineering, 2010

Renee K. Cline (Mosing)
Defended Thesis 2008, currently a Senior Manager, Global Strategic Initiatives at 3M

Abul Fazal
Post-Doc (left 2008)

Bryan R. Fonslow
Defended Thesis 2007, currently a Principal Scientist at Lundbeck

Chandra M. Klinker (Ciriacks)
Defended Thesis 2007, currently a R&D Operations Leader at Dow

Emily Skowronek-Resar
M.S. 2007

Christopher Harrison
Post-Doc (left 2007), currently an Associate Professor at San Diego State University

Kylie B. O’Brien
Defended Thesis 2005, currently a Consultant at Pintail Limited

Shaun D. Mendonsa
Post-Doc (left 2005), currently the Director of Analytical Sciences at Forma Therapeutics

Wei Xu
Post-Doc (left 2004)